Project outline

I was asked to take over management of the Central Lakes Physiotherapy & Pilates website in 2013 and have looked after the previous website since then.  Shelley made the decision in 2014 to refresh the website and wanted a cleaner look and a mobile friendly structure.

The new website is built in WordPress which makes it really easy to use for the staff when the time comes to update Pilates timetables.

The structure is fully responsive which makes it really easy to read the text and navigate around on smaller screens such as mobile phones.

  • Duncan redeveloped our website recently.  He was extremely helpful, had some great ideas and was very amenable to all the changes that I continually threw at him. It was a very easy process with no major stress and I am really thrilled with the new look of the website. Thanks Duncan.

    Shelley Barrett Owner - Central Lakes Physio & Pilates