Social Media Marketing

More than 3 billion businesses are on social media today

However, less than 336 million are active, even less are advertising on social, and an even smaller number are using it properly…many are just flushing money down the toilet.

Getting started on social media can be daunting for many small businesses. Maintaining a social media presence and getting it right can be even harder. It’s one of those things that we all know we should do, but never find the time, or are put off because it just seems too complicated.

Businesses that make the most out of social media gaining numerous benefits, including:

  • An effective way to reach over half the world’s population
  • Increased brand awareness among your customers
  • A way to connect with your customers in their preferred way
  • Generate new leads, leading to increased revenue over time
  • Partner with influential brands and people
  • A way to tell your story in a new and unique way to new and existing customers
  • Monitor other brands and conversations about your brand
  • Reach the right targeted audience at a lower cost, and more accuracy than traditional media
  • Reach people who have visited your website and left without interacting with you.

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help businesses achieve all this. Done right, social media will give customers new ways to interact with your business and share your business with their friends – who could be future customers. By consistently engaging with existing and future customers online you can find new leads and turn those leads into paying customers.

By running highly targeted ad campaigns on social media, you can find new audiences anywhere in the world, and encourage them to interact with your brand, whenever they like, where ever they are.

With many years digital marketing experience across a range of b2b, b2c, and not for profit organisations; our social media and digital marketing specialist – Mel, can help your business grow by getting you started, or getting you to the next level in social media. She can help with planning, strategy, analysis and execution; as well as storytelling and social media video production.