Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation on which all your search optimisation efforts are built on. Knowing what your potential customers are searching for is the key to bringing them to your website. Knowing the keywords and phrases your potential customers are actually searching for along allows us to optimise your website to attract the right kind of customer who is going to find what they are looking for by going to your website. We’ll deliver a Keyword research report that outlines the top searched terms in your industry.

Metadata Optimisation

Google can’t “see” your website as such, it can only analyse the underlaying data. It is this metadata that we use to tell Google exactly what people will find when they come to your website. By utilising the top keywords identified in the keyword research to update the metadata on your website we can bring more traffic to your site.


Words words words words!! These are key to telling the world, and Google, what it is you do and why someone should visit your website. We can help craft compelling content that sells your services as well as signalling to Google that you are an authority in your industry worth directing traffic to.

Website Audits

Just like getting a service on your car, if your website hasn’t had much attention for a while it might need a service too. By auditing your website we will identify all the weak areas that need attention and will outline a plan of action to bring your website up to best practice.

Local SEO

For a lot of SME’s making sure people in their area can find them is a huge part of marketing their business. We specialise in optimising websites for local search so that those closest to your business location can find you and your website easily. We can also set up and manage your Google Local Listing  so your visibility as a local business is fully optimised.

Google Analytics

Monitoring your search visibility, traffic volumes, referral traffic etc are all key to keeping your website working well and delivering a return on the time put into optimising the website in the first place. We can set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console and monitor this data for you and/or set up monthly reporting that keeps you informed of how your website is performing.

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